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Himalayan Salt Body Scrubs


All scrubs are made from fine grinned Himalayan pink salt and infused with the best natural skin benefiting oils that are hand picked to be very moisturizing for your skin. Will leave you skin baby soft and glowing. Notes of citrus medley, lemon, orange, & hint of sage.

Citrus + Sage ~ Our citrus + sage scrub has a soft sweet floral scent that will linger and seduce your senses. Our scrub is sure to leave your body wanting more quality bath time.

Aromatherapy~ Our aromatherapy scrub has an amazing calming scent and natural essential oils that will relax your muscles after a long day. Infused with epson salt and other therapeutic ingredients for even a good nights rest. Notes of spearmint and sweet eucalyptus

Vanilla + Lavender  ~ Our vanilla lavender scrub is softly kissed with the sweetness of vanilla but naturally infused with the calming scent of lavender. Notes of caramelized sugar.

Cake Batter ~ Our cake Batter smells like a light sweet cake with notes of brown sugar, vanilla & a hint of nutmeg.

Tea Tree & Coffee ~ Our Tea Tree & Coffee scrub smells like a coffee brewery, with notes of roasted coffee & raw dark chocolate. ( can be used on face & body)

Lemon Zing Fade & Tone ~ Our Lemon Zing smells like a lemon cake, with notes of sweet sugar, lemon & vanilla (can be use on face & body)



(recommended use with wooden scoop)



Drawing (4)

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Key Ingredients: Himalayan  pink salt, Brown sugar, Sweet Almond Oil , Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Essential oil, Premium fragrance oil, Mica colorant, Foaming bath butter base, Pumice rock powder.

We recommend that you preform a patch test before extensive usage for allergic reaction concerns.

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