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Self-Care Kit


We are so happy about promoting self-care that we did an exclusive collaboration with another small business owner (All the good F words) to create the wonderful SELF-CARE KIT filled with items that will allow you to focus on YOU! All treats have been hand picked to balance/cleanse your energy while aligning your mind for a stable mental journey. This is a special edition limited kit, we have only place 50 kits for order.

Kit Includes:

Mini Eucalyptus Bundle- attaches to your shower head for a therapeutic, aromatic burst of freshness! Perfect for those with upper respiratory issues such as sinus or colds, migraines or for those who simply want to relax.

Palo-Smudge Stick- Purifying and removing negative and or bad energy from your space. Let go of negative vibe and welcome positive energy into your space while burning.

Romance Blend Candle- A sweet & fresh scented candle, that will transform any space into a blended bliss.

Manifestation Candle- Made with calming crystals to help align your energy, hand poured with pure soy wax for a clean burn. While burning you can manifest all your goals and wants. This aroma will give off a clean fresh spa scent.


This Kit is made fresh to order, for freshness please select priority shipping

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