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Feminine Wipes

Feminine Wipes

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Gentle Skincare For Sensitive Skin!

Looking for gentle wipes for your sensitive yoni? No need to look any further! Our Feminine Flower wipes will keep your yoni soothed & fresh with just one wipe.

Balance your pH with our feminine hypo-allergenic wipes in minutes. Feel comfortable anywhere you go as long as these wipes are in reach.

Why Should I Use Feminine Wipes For My Yoni?

  • Formulated for sensitive yonis 
  • Quick gentle cleanse on the go.
  • Individually wrapped for discreet convenience.
  • Free of perfumes, dyes, irritating and harsh chemicals such as parabens.
  • Balances you pH without irritation 
  • Soft & hypoallergenic option to toilet tissue 
  • Eliminates embarrassing odor 
  • Instantly feel fresh & clean
  • Infused with top key ingredients such as aloe, lavender & tea tree
At this day and age you can put away the baby wipes and stick with our individually wrapped wipes, made for your own privacy. 



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