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Skincare Quiz

Welcome to your Skincare Quiz!

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13 thoughts on “Skincare Quiz

  1. Krysta says:

    I will purchase the started kit but it would’ve been nice to also have the toner. I would’ve been a good trail kit if you had all the essentials needed for a great skin care routine. The. The customer would be able to decide which cleanser works best with their skin and if they liked your toner and face mask. Maybe you can get another travel size kit that has all those things so we can really do a trial run with your products

    • Tamoya ruddock
      Tamoya ruddock says:

      Thanks for your advice. We will look into having more option for our starter kits. We tried to have the items that are easier to start with and very common amongst others who are new to skincare regimens as well as trying to keep the price range lower than $20. We will try to find something that may work. Thanks again.

    • Tamoya ruddock
      Tamoya ruddock says:

      Hello M! Yes it is a great natural skincare tip is that aloe Vera is a great primer for makeup, our illuminating glow serum adds a nice glow while a great substitute for a primer

  2. M says:

    How about the cocoa + rose moisturizer under makeup? Or do you recommend just using the glow serum by itself under makeup?

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