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Welcome Home

We are moving on up! Like the Jeffersons 

We’ve moved! We have found a new home and we welcome you all. We noticed that it is always good to improve yourself because there is always room for improvement, so we decided to kick it up a notch and take it a step further with using not only natural ingredients in our products but also organic ingredients. We also took the time to bring you new body treats that we feel would compliment each other giving you more variety to choose from. A lot of time has been put into making your Le’Aura experience as enjoyable as possible, we love our customers so why not! We hope that you love our new home as much as we do and we also do hope you love the changes we have made for the better. As a nice house warming gift to you we would like to offer 10% off your entire purchase using code HOUSEWARMING. Thank you for visiting us you have been great guest in our home. Stop by anytime you like, someone is always home to welcome you.
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~Treat Your Body With Le’Aura Body Treats!


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