Because Every Drop Is Infused With Natural & Organic Ingredients Then Whipped With Love

    Le’Aura all started in a small kitchen located in Brooklyn NY, where artisan Tamoya decided that she wanted to make her own body products for her 8 year old daughter, who suffered from dry skin and a mild form of eczema. As a concerned mother Tamoya was frustrated with buying products that just didn’t work or with buying overly expensive creams that her daughter would easily misplace at school. One day Tamoya researched on what natural oils and butters would work best for her daughter’s skin. Her very first product was the coco mango whipped cream. This body cream was given to family members and friends as well as used in her own household, everyone requested more. This became a hobby for her as she spent night and day making new items. It wasn’t long before the word spread about her products, and this is how Le’Aura Body Treats was born.

    All of Le’Aura Body Treats are handmade and made to order. One thing we can guarantee in each and every treat sold is that, we have made our products with ounces of love, none of our body treats are sent out without it, which shows in the quality of our body treats.

    We want all of our customers to have a great experience, from ordering our products to receiving and using our body treats. Here at Le’Aura we want you to take care of your skin in a natural but yet vibrant way. Treat your body today with Le’Aura body treats!