How to get rid of strawberry skin  (4 tips for preventive care)

How to get rid of strawberry skin (4 tips for preventive care)

The phrase “strawberry skin” refers to the little dark spots you see on your legs or arms after doing your hair removal ritual. Most often, these dark spots appear once the hair is removed.

Currently, there are several known causes for strawberry skin including:

  1. Not exfoliating properly or often enough
  2. Improper hair removal when shaving
  3. Not using the appropriate moisturizing products following waxing
  4. Using towels that hold bacteria & clog the pores
  5. Improperly cleansing which leads to blackheads

Luckily, there are some preventive care tips that can reduce the visible spots from strawberry skin, or eliminate them all together. Let’s review my top 4 recommendations:

  1. Use a fresh and sharp razor each time you shave
  2. Shave in the direction of your hair growth
  3. Exfoliate more often
  4. Invest in a higher quality moisturizer to eliminate dryness

Continue reading below to get an overview of each solution or preventive method plus the top tools and products recommended to to help you het silky smooth baby soft skin void of dark spots.

Tip #1: Use a fresh and sharp razor each time you shave

Using a fresh razor with each shave reduces the chances of:

  • Razor burn
  • Irritation
  • Improper hair removal

By preventing 3 potential causes of strawberry skin, you reduce the chances of getting it significantly. A fresh razor also ensures a close shave with minimal passes, which also reduces the appearance of dark spots post shaving. 

When investing in razors, consider options with higher quality blades, moisturizing strips and developed for sensitive skin. These small changes in how you shop for hair removal tools can make shaving easier for you.

Tip #2: Shave in the direction of your hair growth to avoid developing strawberry skin

When shaving your legs, it may seem like you’re getting a better shave when you go against the grain. But, you’re only putting your legs at risk of strawberry skin. Shaving against the grain makes it easier for oil, skin cells and dirt to clog the pores.

Also consider that when you shave against the grain, you’re much more likely to experience cuts, dryness, razor burn and skin irritation. You may need to rinse the razor more often and do short strokes with the razor, but this is the safest way to shave your legs with a razor.

Alternatively, you could put the razor down and work with a wax specialist instead. You can wax less often than you can shave to stay smooth, which means your pores aren’t opened as often. If your leg pores stay closed longer throughout the month, there’s less opportunity for oil and dirt to clog them.

Tip #3: Exfoliate more often to reduce strawberry legs

Using antibacterial tools to exfoliate with, reduces the appearance of strawberry skin. By exfoliating regularly, you remain proactive about removing dead skin cells, excessive oil and preventing ingrown hairs as well.

While you could use a loofah or hand towel to exfoliate with, if you aren’t changing them everyday, your pores are exposed to the bacteria they hold. Everything wet that sits in your bathroom collects bacteria that isn’t healthy for the skin.

The consistent over exposure to this bacteria causes strawberry skin to be a recurring issue, regardless of any other remedies you try. To overcome this altogether, consider trying an African Exfoliating Net.

With an African Exfoliating Net, you don’t have to worry about bacteria or changing your exfoliating tools as often. Because they don’t hold onto bacteria the way loofah and cotton towels do, you aren’t constantly exposing the skin to those harmful bacteria; making it easier to eliminate strawberry skin.

African Exfoliating Nets are also optimal bathing tools because they can extend in length and give you the mobility to exfoliate your back and feet with ease and comfort. 

Tip #4: Invest in a higher quality moisturizer to eliminate skin dryness

Skin being excessively dry puts it at risk for cracking, becoming painful, developing strawberry skin and scarring. A solution to this isn’t simply wearing lotion, because it often isn’t rich enough in nutrients to treat dry skin long term.

Instead, you should aim for something that has long lasting moisturizing ingredients like cocoa, shea, and aloe vera. Together, ingredients like this hydrate the skin, lock in moistures and make you feel replenished after exfoliating. 

And although moisturizing after a bath is key, it is also helpful to use bathing products that offer hydrating ingredients as well. Some ingredients in soap and cleansing products you should consider are those that are gentle cleansers with turmeric, honey, and vitamin rich. 

Together, these ingredients help cleanse the skin without drying it out or making it feel covered in a thin film. They’re what make treats like our Turmeric + Honey Fading Bar so powerful.

It will take time to reduce the appearance of strawberry skin. There is nothing safe on the market that can give you instant results overnight. But with consistency, patience, and the right tools - you can have baby smooth skin that glows.

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