Sip & Dine Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in our intimate date night Sip & Dine located right in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you're tired of boring restaurant date nights and want to change it up then we know you would be happy to experience Sip & Dine. Giving  you that butterfly feeling the moment you step through the doors until  you leave. 

No more boring date nights when you're with us! Enjoy a night of:

  • Private Chef/Waitress
  • Customized Menu Options
  • Decorated Personal Studio Space
  • 3 Course Meal (Salad + Entree + Dessert) 
  • Photo Opp Area
  • Movie Options
  • Personalized Music Playlist
  • Specialty Cocktail Drinks
  • Personalized Luxury Gift Bag 

Package can be customizable to liking with upgradeable options. Perfect for birthday's, engagements, anniversary, valentine's day or any kind of personal celebrations. If you would love to experience our magical Sip & Dine, leave detailed information with date below:  


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