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Exfoliating Body Scrubs
Herbert Morrow

The scrub makes your skin feel soft. The product smells amazing! It’s a deep scrub and dissolves quickly.

Love the products

Been a customer since 2020 and these products really have made my skin clearer and smoother…all the turmeric products are DOPE!!!

Turmeric and honey bar

It is really good and it works. Depends on how far your skin is dark, it literally fades the darkness to making it lighter.

Facial cleanser and serum

The product leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. The serum is light with a nice scent. It works amazingly on my oily skin.

Sip & Treat
Diandia Brown

Sip & Treat

Sip & Treat
Taryn Taylor
Love it.

Such good energy. The products are amazingly effective and delightful to the senses.

Sip & Treat
Nykole Simpson-Torruella

Sip & Treat

Customize body butter

I had such a good time making my body butter. Food, music, and her energy was great. I definitely will be back for another event. Thank you for this amazing experience 🤎

The best glow ever!

I’m not sure what is in this besides what is listed but it has to be something magical because the way my skin glows instantly when I put this thing on is in real. I suffer from super sensitive skin along with dark spots and scaring from previous bumps I know I’m not supposed to pop (guilty) and just using this after only 3 weeks I seen a huge difference. I normally don’t write reviews but this deserve 5 stars and more! Never stop making this because my skin needs it! Thank you for great customer service as well yall are so sweet!

Sip & Treat
Marisol Diaz
Pinkalicious ( name of body butter)

It was amazing

Sip & Treat
Courtney Stewart
What a Time!

It was so refreshing and enjoyable to support a black owned business. The host was informative and knew how to keep the party going. I would highly suggest this event to anyone that enjoys good body care products.

Pickup Instore
Jannae-Marie Reese

Pickup Instore

Smells good !

i ordered the brown sugar oil and not gonna lie, it doesn’t smell like how i thought. i didn’t get any sweet caramelized cookie at all. it’s gives like a fresh smell good perfume type of vibe. but it does smell really nice though. packaging and bottling is so cute. will be giving another try in the future !

So in love with this product Cocoa + Rose Face Moisturizing cream

I’ve been using this cream over a year now and I’ve never experienced anything like it…My face just pops with such a beautiful glow…I’m so excited every time my shipment comes and I never just buy one because I never want to run out…💕🙌🏽

Brightening Sugar Scrub Cubes
De’Sha Whitehead

The glow and fresh look this gives me is stunning! Please keep this product ‘

Sip & Treat

Sip & Treat

Love it

It’s the best for my skin


Let me tell you!! I don’t believe in lotion ! But this oil right here ! It had my knee shining! My coworkers was asking how I got my knee looking great and I was smelling so good after working from delivering mail.

Exfoliating Body Scrubs
Nicole Schloss
Coffee and Blueberry scrub

Let me tell you !! I’m very spiritual! The coffee scrub keeps me ground . I feel so relaxed. The blueberry scrub I used for date nights. I love the compliments of how good I smell!

Feel Good Body Wash
Feels amazing

This body wash smells so good!

Sip & Treat
Olivia Elias Escalante
Amazing Experience!!!

I want to say thank you so much for Le’Aura and her team for an amazing event. We surprised one of my closest friends for her birthday and from the minute we arrived till the end everyone in her team were extremely nice. We attended the Oct 30th event for Halloween. Your hospitality was out of this world. We even had a friend who was vegan and could not have any of the delicious treats but you all tried to find something for her to munch on so that already shows a lot of who you all are. I truly truly enjoyed myself and so did everyone else who attended. I look forward to coming back. Wishing you all great success🤍

Brown Sugar 😍

My family loves the brown sugar body oil! Even the kids ages 3 & 8! I can walk in the house and smell it from upstairs! Perfect scent around this time of year 😍

Love it!

It cleared my skin and it was glowing. I have sensitive skin so this was perfect. I do recommend using a moisturizer on top of the serum. Other than that, it was great


Smells delicious and really keeps my skin smooth.

Sparkles in a bottle

Been using these products since 2020! And so glad I found them from the whole support black business campaign. Leaura has the best body oils that I’m not allergic to or
“too oily”. My top favorite is the romance blend and melonated because of the glitter is gives off on your skin. My husband loves the scent so I put it on after a nice shower on those “special” nights if you know what I mean 🥰