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Fresh cup of Java

This is one of my favorite scrubs from the line. As an avid coffee lover I love using this scrub in the morning. It's a great substitute to citrus scent if you are looking for vigorating smell in the morning. The beads are strong enough to exfoliate but soft enough to the skin. Afterwards my skin feels smooth and smells terrific!!!

Pickup Instore

Best customer service !!

So moisturizing and it’s not greasy or heavy feeling

Best products ever!

Facial Glow Kit
Miss Aging Backwards
Clean, Fresh, Glowing

Part of my skin care routine! I love these products as after use my skin feels and looks refreshed. In addition, I love the travel size as I can easily carry.

Silky Body Oils
Noemi Jaime

I love this oil! The fact that there’s not need to reapply and a little goes a long way! It’s perfect, and the smell is amazing.

Sip & Treat
Ursula Watson
Shea Butter Making Class/Holiday Party

This event was kid friendly and very enjoyable. I will attend again. I love that this company is owned vy a Black woman , a mother/daughter team. I highly recommend attending one of their events. I love my Shea butter. The quality is great and the scent is wonderful.

Amazing Customer Service

I ordered for pickup but did not know the business is not local to me. Once I realized I submitted an inquiry and owner contacted me IMMEDIATELY to get everything situated. I love that she worked with me to get my package shipped. Also very professional every step of the way! This is my second time ordering and I will definitely continue to be a customer. I love the products as well, cleared all my acne and made my skin glow!! Thank you so much!!

Love product and the presentation of the workshop was wonderful. The service was excellent.

Silky Body Oils
Christine Henry

I ordered two oils my favorite romance blend and a new one to try melonated.. my romance blend for some reason came really chunky and cloudy and it didn't smell the same, and melonated just had two much shimmer in it and talked forever for me to shake it up. I never have an issue with my order so I don't know what happened this time oh and also the new bottles pump doesn't work so I have to switch it and put it in the older glass bottles

In love

I’ve been using this product for 2 years along with the toner, scrub and moisturizer. I tried new products looking for something more accessible but there is so many chemicals in skincare that is sold in stores so I started developing red and itchy skin. I ordered her products again and my skin calmed down immediately! I love this company so much and hope you guys never stop selling these amazing products!

Amazing Product

I’ve been using Milk & Honey for about a year now and when I tell you it does what she says, it does. It so gentle on my skin and when used in conjunction with the other recommended products your Glow Glows!!!

Sip & Treat
Hhh Bbhh
My experience

I think the concept of the idea is cute but it’s not nearly worth the $80 I paid to leave with one tiny body butter with a value of $10-$15 . The drinks were watered down the choice of food was iceberg bag lettuce , frozen boneless chicken and frozen macaroni cheese balls . Serving that for a food option for adults at $80 a person was poor judgement. At a minimum you could have offered sandwich platters and fruit. I also left a tip when the owner asked for tips out of the kindness of my heart to support a black business but in all honesty the $80 I spent for what was provided the owner was over paid and shouldn’t even suggested their tip bowl. I hope this help’s improve your business for the future .

Thank you so much for giving our experience a try. We are still new and appreciate any and all reviews. We apologize that you didn't find our experience worth it. We created this experience in hopes that everyone would enjoy leaving with an after thought of 'that was fun & different'. Our base company Le'Aura produces skincare products for those with sensitive skin concerns, we use nothing but top quality ingredients such as oils, butters and premium fragrance oils, which carries over into our body product making class. We try to provide a top quality product making experience that you and your skin would enjoy.
We apologize that you did not like our choice of our complimentary bites. We decided to offer these suggested as an add on to help soak up 2 hours of bottomless drinking experience. We aim to make sure everyone is safe when doing so and drinking responsibly as this is why we decided to offer our complimentary bites as a positive safety precaution. We apologize that your experience with our drinks weren't strong to your liking as we also try to consider all guest who may also have a different tolerance. We try to create a balance for all guest. This is why we are open to suggestions on how we can better improve especially from guest who have attended and felt like their experience could've been better. We'd love to hear it. Again we thank you for giving us a try and also for your tips, monetarily and within your review. We will take your suggestions and aim to make the experience better, and hope to see you again to raise the bar.

Sip and treat

The event itself was nice, vibes were cool. The biggest disappointment was the food. For someone to travel 3 1/2- 4 hours for this event( part of a weekend away from home), the food did not pass the vibe check. I did feel that for the amount of people there, better assortment and more food should have been available. Seems like they were cutting cost, i just felt that more should have went in to that part. Good job on drinks!

Thank you so much for taking the time to out to attend our Sip & Treat event. We do appreciate your review. Our main focus out off the whole experience is to ensure that you have fun and enjoy the activity at hand, also we focus on servicing 2 hours of bottomless drinks. We offer complimentary small bites as an addition to help soak up your bottomless drinking experience as we are also focused on safety and drinking responsibly. So to add complimentary bites seemed ideal to us. We are still new and growing and will take any suggestions on bites you feel we can add that are perfect for finger foods or on the go as we instruct guest on making their customized body products. Let us know what options we could add that would be to your liking as we are open to suggestions. We hope as time goes by we can try accomplishing pleasing everyone around the board and improving everyone's experience. We hope to see you again and have a chance to change your mind after your suggestions. Thanks again for your support, we appreciate you!

Facial Starter Travel Kit
Never Disappoints 🙌🏽

As always, the cleansers do the job and do it well. Smoother skin, less spots…always my go to for facial care 🙌🏽

Trying a new event: Making my own shea butter product.

Making my own shea butter product was new. The pros of the event was: I really liked mixing the shea butter with adding my choices of scents, oils and colors. The finger food. The photo op swing area. It's black owned. The cons of the event were: it was too hot! One of the host said she would give out shots if she saw empty cups and there were empty cups (no shots were given). The music selection was kind of dry. But overall, it’s a nice idea for a girls night out if you want to try something new.

Sip & Treat
Kai Y.
Awesome Girls Night

It was a lovely event and the hosts did a great job of allowing time to socialize while also being productive with creating the body butter. I have already recommended this to more people!

Sip & Treat
Jane doe
Nice concept

I enjoyed the whole process of making my own body butter. But from from Instagram it seems to be a lit place but with my group it was really dull the host said we were gonna play a shots game we didn't they didn't distribute the cupcakes at the end. It just seem very me chill and get us out.

Body Smooth

This product is off the hook it makes your skin baby smooth works excellent on the skin my Mom Loves it I rate this product 👌 a 5 star plus 5 more stars.

Love these products!

Not only do these products smell amazing but they’ve actually made a difference in my skin in just a short amount of time. My skin is glowing and becoming more even toned. Can’t wait to try other products.

It smells soooo good!!!

Love the butters, but cocoa shea aloe is my favorite 👏🏾 Love the texture, the smell, and how this product addresses any skin issue I am struggling with and even out my skin tone. I would recommend using this product again and again. I have experienced eczema relief while using CSA butter.

Illuminating Glow Serum
Samantha (Slammy)
I love to glowww

Thissssss serum right here is magical in

Facial Hydration Oil
Samantha (Slammy)
Completed skin care

This oil completes my skin care routine only been using it for couple days and my face feels hydrated and vibrant I love how light it is but powerful

Lemon Zing Fade & Tone Scrub
Herbert Morrow

The scrub makes your skin feel soft. The product smells amazing! It’s a deep scrub and dissolves quickly.

Love the products

Been a customer since 2020 and these products really have made my skin clearer and smoother…all the turmeric products are DOPE!!!