How to get glowing skin this winter (say goodbye to dull skin in 2 steps)


Winter is right around the corner, which means seasonal skin dryness will follow behind shortly. This dryness is uncomfortable and eats away at your confidence to wear anything remotely revealing until it warms up in the spring.

That isn’t the life I want beauties like you to live, so I’m going to share all the secrets with you that help you stay hydrated, glowing and flawless regardless of the season. 

And the best part is, you can do it all with these 2 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Change all of your drying hand & body soaps out for more moisturizing gentle cleansers
  • Step 2: Invest in a higher quality moisturizer to eliminate dryness

Continue reading below to get an overview of each step, the best products to use and why they are the key to feeling hydrated when it’s cold outside. 

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Step 1: Change all of your drying hand & body soaps out for more moisturizing gentle cleansers

I know, getting hand soap or dish soap for a dollar feels like “a steal”. But the only thing being stolen is the moisture in your hands. Think about it… Every time you wash your hands or dishes with this soap in hot water, your hands feel dry and stiff.

This is because the ingredients in these products strip the hands of essential oils needed to keep them moisturized. A soap doesn’t have to strip the hands of essential oils to clean them properly, that’s why you should get rid of them immediately. 

Consider switching over to gentle cleansers that hydrate the skin like a Natural Bar Soap or the  Turmeric + Honey Fading Bar.

Step 2: Invest in a higher quality moisturizer to eliminate dryness

Higher quality moisturizers ensure moisture is *actually* being retained, instead of adding a thin barrier over your skin. This barrier on the skin actually makes it harder for moisture to be absorbed, but easier for dirt and debris to sit on the skin.

A higher quality moisturizer will be packed with organic ingredients, vitamin rich and prioritize moisture retention through naturally hydrating ingredients.

Additionally, it’ll be easier to avoid random skin dryness, because these qualities make the hydration longlasting. Overtime, you should be able to use the moisturizer less often, as you should feel it’s positive impacts more each day with baby smooth skin.

Try to use moisturizers that emphasize the importance of hydration, like in the Silky Body Oils. In these body oils, you have blend options that each offer solutions to different skin ailments. With a nongreasy formula and lightweight texture, they’re perfect for everyday use.  

It will take time to reduce the appearance of dry skin. With consistency, patience, and the right products - you can have baby smooth skin that glows all year.

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