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Leaura Body Treats

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Ideal For: Stubborn drak spots, Hyperpigmentation, Acne scars, Discoloration, Dull skin, Sensitive skin

Care Instructions

External use only. Good for use 3 months. Products are natural based ingredients. Do patch test prior to usage.

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Customer Reviews

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Best customer service !!


Love product and the presentation of the workshop was wonderful. The service was excellent.

Sip and treat

The event itself was nice, vibes were cool. The biggest disappointment was the food. For someone to travel 3 1/2- 4 hours for this event( part of a weekend away from home), the food did not pass the vibe check. I did feel that for the amount of people there, better assortment and more food should have been available. Seems like they were cutting cost, i just felt that more should have went in to that part. Good job on drinks!

Thank you so much for taking the time to out to attend our Sip & Treat event. We do appreciate your review. Our main focus out off the whole experience is to ensure that you have fun and enjoy the activity at hand, also we focus on servicing 2 hours of bottomless drinks. We offer complimentary small bites as an addition to help soak up your bottomless drinking experience as we are also focused on safety and drinking responsibly. So to add complimentary bites seemed ideal to us. We are still new and growing and will take any suggestions on bites you feel we can add that are perfect for finger foods or on the go as we instruct guest on making their customized body products. Let us know what options we could add that would be to your liking as we are open to suggestions. We hope as time goes by we can try accomplishing pleasing everyone around the board and improving everyone's experience. We hope to see you again and have a chance to change your mind after your suggestions. Thanks again for your support, we appreciate you!

Jannae-Marie Reese

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  • General Description

    We use nothing but the best selective natural and organic ingredients in all of our body treats, scented with top essential oils and premium fragrance oils. The quality of our products are exceptional which shows within every item. Treat your body today with Le’Aura body treats.

Fall In Love With Yourself

Never hesitate in taking care of yourself! We know how important self-care is and figured out ways to make it much easier and even more effective for you. Indulge without guilt, because you're going to love the feeling!