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Tea Tree & Coffee Exfoliating Scrub

Tea Tree & Coffee Exfoliating Scrub

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Looking for a face & body scrub that will fade dark spots while leaving your skin soft smooth & revived?


Experience dramatic results of this all-natural exfoliating scrub! Transform from dull, dry, and flaky to soft, even-toned skin. This scrub is designed to reduce the appearance of Stretch Marks, Acne & Cellulite, Spider Veins, Eczema, Age Spots & Varicose Veins.

Rejuvenate your skin with this luxurious scrub crafted with energizing organic coffee beans. Caffeine helps to boost circulation and reduce the visibility of unsightly blemishes such as cellulite, eczema, stretch marks and age spots.

Our exfoliating scrub is formulated with gentle yet powerful natural ingredients to:

  • Cleanse and gets rid of bacteria, dirt and oil, which causes break outs.
  • Gentle exfoliate on skin
  • Helps to brighten and fade dullness. stretchmarks, scarring and hyperpigmentation.
  • Instantly moisturizes your skin.
  • Perfect for those with dry sensitive skin.

Recommended: use scrub 2-3x per week. Moisturize with Body Glow Oil within  for super soft even glowing skin.

Ideal For: Stubborn drak spots, Hyperpigmentation, Acne scars, Discoloration, Dull skin, Sensitive skin

Care Instructions

External use only. Good for use 3 months. Products are natural based ingredients. Do patch test prior to usage.

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Customer Reviews

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Miss Aging Backwards
Fresh cup of Java

This is one of my favorite scrubs from the line. As an avid coffee lover I love using this scrub in the morning. It's a great substitute to citrus scent if you are looking for vigorating smell in the morning. The beads are strong enough to exfoliate but soft enough to the skin. Afterwards my skin feels smooth and smells terrific!!!

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    We use nothing but the best selective natural and organic ingredients in all of our body treats, scented with top essential oils and premium fragrance oils. The quality of our products are exceptional which shows within every item. Treat your body today with Le’Aura body treats.

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